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Bed Bugs

The size of bedbugs is 1/5-inches long and 1/8-inches wide, it is reddish -brown to mahogany-colored. The body is oval shaped and flattened and the food source is blood. Each female bedbug lays 2 eggs per day until she has laid approximately 200 eggs, at normal conditions these eggs will hatch in 6 to 17 days. Once it hatches it will produce small colorless insects. These small bedbugs will undergo a metamorphosis of steps in order to grow. It takes five steps or instars, and each step will require a blood meal for the bedbug to molt, causing irritation and discomfort through bites to the person on or nearby the bed . Bedbugs are difficult to get rid of once a home is infested because they are a hardy insect . They can survive prolonged periods without food or under adverse temperatures. Adult bedbugs can live for over a year without feeding and can survive through winter in an unheated house. Bedbugs do not carry diseases, however, bedbugs are a nuisance that will live in your bed. The main food source is human blood, causing major skin irritations and depriving you of your sleep. 

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