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We have developed a pest control program which will provide exterior protection for your home in spring, summer and fall. M&M Pest Control Services, will schedule interior services through the year at no extra charge.

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M&M Pest Control Services is a reliable company that will pinpoint your pest problems and remove them efficiently. We are professional and honest and have high standards for our pest control team. We are a local company that works around the clock and responds fast to your call. We are skilled and knowledgeable through experience and training and will resolve your pest problem meticulously and thoroughly to the best of our ability. We are fully bilingual and will inform you about the infestation of your home, and the necessary steps we will take to eliminate the invaders. We are licensed in the state of Minnesota through the department of agriculture and use only the latest approved equipment and chemicals to ensure the safety of your family and household. We take pride in our professional and honest service, we offer our education, dedication and knowledge to keep pests out for good. We promise to be quick and efficient in the resolution of your pest problems with satisfaction guaranteed.