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Recent research demonstrates that the house mouse carries a protein within its urine that can trigger severe cases of asthma and allergic rhinitis in susceptible people.

In buildings and homes rodents damage doors, walls and floor ceilings as a result of their burrowing and gnawing activity. They regularly gnaw in pipes and electrical wiring causing fires, floods and electrical shortages. Rodents are capable of abruptly causing losses of electronics, or other sensitive equipment by their gnawing of electrical cords or by dropping waste into computers.

Most often, the nest of rodents is near their food sources, the nest can be made from paper, insulation, furniture stuffing or any other soft material chewed into small bits to make a bed.

Their entry points vary, but it is known that a house mouse can enter through a hole as small as a 3/8-inch.

M&M Pest Control technicians are trained to put in place a program that will include sanitation, baiting and trapping. The program will also include the sealing of entry points, or the suggestion of necessary repairs of your property in order to eliminate the mice infestation.